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Distractions On A Website Can Cause Traffic To Go Elsewhere

Avoiding Distractions On A Website!  

So you have your music, banner, link, contact information listed on an awesome, popular, website that's full of bells and whistles. But wait! You’re an Independent Artist among thousands of other artists who also are on the same website trying to get attention! For a visitor, the natural human curiosity would be to focus on what is most appealing to them on the website! And lets say you do get lucky and get a person to click on your track. What if the 1st track they listen to doesn’t interest them. You think they will stick around to listen to any other tracks you have on the website while there are other artists to listen to? Hmmm, that would be a good poll to create!

Think of Witnessing When Promoting Music

When you are out witnessing to an unbeliever, do you find it easier to speak to a person when they are alone or talking with them among their friends who are a distraction? Don’t you think that their friends will more likely pressure them to break away? Well, it’s the same thing that happens when your music is among hundreds of other tracks or on a website with many distractions. Don’t get me wrong, other Christian artists are not the competition or distraction. It’s the human mind that out of curiosity get distracted because of the other choices that deter folks. The natural curiosity would be for a person to check out what’s appealing to their senses (sight, hearing). And while your tracks and content might be on one of the most well-known music sites there is, the chances of any one person solely listening to your music is slim!

Effective Marketing Should Spotlight Only You

If you're going to spend your time and effort putting your music on a large database, it should be rewarding in some way. Please understand that it’s not our intentions to knock down the big music websites. They certainly have great advantages, such as SEO. Also, if you have traffic being directed to a page on a site that only show your media thats great as well! However, if you're trying to receive conversions on a big data website without any marketing, your music can easily get lost in the pool of songs. Quite frankly, many of you indie artists with a stellar project deserve the opportunity to be heard!

Music Marketing Strategy

John Oszajca, an America singer-songwriter was once signed with Interscope and Warner Bros. and was cut from the labels due to lack of sells. So, he created a marketing strategy called the Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0. It has taken him to a new level for promoting music. Not only that, he once set a record for helping an artist with sells over at CD Baby using his MMM3 strategy.The strategy involves several techniques to include a squeeze page. It’s totally effective and has a psychological twist that really makes sense when you think about it. We wrote an informative music marketing review of the course and explained what we learned. You can also receive a free 40 min video that literally walk you through what you should know about Music Marketing Manifesto. If you simply don’t have the time to learn the marketing techniques or you just don’t have the interest to learn the strategy of marketing, we understand! After all, you are gifted to create the product!

Removing The Burden Of Promoting And Sales

Don't loose hope if you can't find time or have the interest to do-it-yourself. We will take up your burdens and market your ministry using our music marketing promotions. It includes the MMM3 strategy as well as multiple media platforms to help increase search engine optimization (SEO).

We anticipated that the course would not be in the best interest for every artist at this moment. I'm also aware that many artists rather focus on what they are blessed and gifted to do and that's certainly a fair choice. So, what we suggest is that you take advantage of services that was created for Christian and Gospel recording artists.  It's an alternative method that Devine Jamz Gospel Network developed long ago in the event artists do not wish to learn all the marketing strategies we share to those who are interested. 

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