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Music Marketing Automation | Great For Artist Who Have Little Time To Do-it-Yoursel

Now Indie Artists Can Market Music In A Simplified Automated Way Thanks To SimplyCast!

15 Features To Market Your Music And Endless Combinations!

Hi guys! When it comes to marketing automation, I suggest you go with SimplyCast. Why? Well, if you can't find anytime to do it yourself the next best thing is to go with a system that will provide good service in the least amount of time right! Also, they make it very easy to create marketing messages without any technical expertise. Send out completely customized messages that are consistent with your brand and track them with detailed reports. In addition, they have great competitive pricing and excellent customer support, along with a wealth of resources such as white papers, FAQs, tutorials and more. It doesn't beat the price of Music Marketing Manifesto, but I would definitely seek their services if I didn't have time on my side! I'm confident that they can help grow your ministry and/or business!

All-in-One Marketing Automation

15 different products to assist in your online, offline, mobile and social marketing within one account. Innovative companies are turning online visitors into new customers more easily by simply engaging with each lead using the preferred mode of communication.

The days of just sending an email newsletter or posting on Facebook are gone. The way people digest content is changing every day and only those companies that take advantage of several mediums will move ahead of their competition. Don't let your business be left behind.

Front & Center Reports
When you send something, you want to know if the message reached the client and what they did with it. That is the whole point right? With our detailed reporting features, you can have a real-time view of exactly that. Then you can either celebrate a job well done or know what to improve on.
The reports you will have access to include beautiful graphs, vital statistics and specific details on who interacted with your campaign. Then you can export or print off the numbers to share with your team. We make it very easy to show off your success.

Easy-to-Use Editors
Time is money, so nobody wants to be spending time fighting with software. Our solution makes the entire campaign creation experience a breeze. Whether you want to create from scratch or import creatives you already have, we provide the editor for the job. No tech skills needed.

Once you are happy with your final product, our system will check your work, make suggestions on what would improve the campaign and finally help you schedule the actual send. Most of our products will have you from beginning to send in only a few minutes.

Create Subaccounts
Manage a full marketing team? When using SimplyCast, you can include certain permissions that let you have full control over what each person can and can’t do when it comes to your marketing. This makes it easy to manage and delegate responsibilities while only using one account.

For those just starting out, this may not seem that important. But after growing your business with us, you are going to be adding new people and new campaigns quicker than you think and that is where subaccounts will be a true benefit.

Brenda Solomon
Christian Marketing Promotions

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