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Addicted to gambling left me homeless and depressed!

Christian Marketing PromoterWould that be a title to entice you to read more? It sure would get my attention if I seen it for the first time. How about these phrases:

"Download My New CD", "Get A Free Track", "New Release Single", "Check Out My New Song" "Get it now at Itunes" "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" etc.

These phrases are among hundreds of similar if not exact quotes shared by many other artists. These phrases are so repetitive that I would not be surprised that folks choose what to read and listen to base on the cover picture or the looks of a flyer. You think there is a better way of advertising music? I certainly do! Let me tell you why. We as humans can be very nosy. And I mean that in the best way! That is, all it take is a few good selected words to put in a headline of a story and every body and they mama will click on the link to find out more. Well, advertising a song is no different. Many of you write and sing about some pretty deep stuff. And quite frankly if it was advertised the correct way, you would have folks all in your music business trying to hear what you had to say.

Case in point, recently I was browsing through headline discussions on Linkedin and I came across a headline topic that made me forget about any other discussion that was on the page. I kid you not, the title was so appealing that it caught my eye and made me stop to explore what else I was going to experience in the reading. I'm very sure it caught many other eyes as well. The topic included words that were shocking, tragic, sad, brave, encouraging, and above all it involved Christians within a Church. It was a real life story that all to often you would hear in songs by Independent artists who have gone through some painful events in their past. Within a short phrase the headline title was a preparation for readers to get ready to read some juicy details about a very private matter.

That's how you as an artist need to begin your sales pitch if you want someone to buy your record. You need to set them up to be ready to learn the real you. Such as, what circumstances made you write or sing the song? What is it that your potential fans are about to listen to? It better be something that's going to tap into their emotions weather it be sad, tragic, funny as heck, or something folks can relate to. Even more, a headline topic that most would not dare to share with others in public. As a reader, I want you to give me a reason why I should stop gazing at other sales pitch just to read yours! You need to think outside the box and sway away from the typical sales pitch that the major record labels do on a norm. They have millions of dollars behind their campaign and can effectively use their well-known brand to hype artists with the typical slogans! Therefore, as an Independent artist I suggest you prepare your potential fans! The fans should already have an idea what they are about to hear. The song should be the confirmation and the details!

Remember, you need to dress up your headline title as if it's your first and last appearance you might be judged on. Then, you can show off your real talent, which is the gift of singing, songwriter, musician etc.!

Brenda Solomon
Marketing The Gospel

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