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Appointed - Hit Single - Call Me

Appointed, is an award winning Christian recording artist and two-time nominated GOSPEL CHOICE AWARDS recipient. 

She's also a Pastor, Television Host, and Writer that released her debut project ‘Your Love’ featuring the hit single "Call Me"! This hit single is now playing on various radio stations across the country. "Call Me" emphasizes the message GOD is always there to answer your prayer especially during people's deepest despair. Appointed is also the recipient of 5 South Florida Gospel Music Awards nominations.


Appointed means to select or designate to fill an office or a position and that certainly has proven to be true for Appointed. Appointed is an awarding winning gospel recording artist. She is the recipient of three Prayze Factor People's Choice gospel music awards that include Urban Solo Artist of the Year, Urban Contemporary Solo Artist of the Year and Christian Contemporary Solo Artist of the Year.

Other noteworthy gospel music industry moments of this hard working gospel artist include:

  • Two Gospel Choice Awards Nominations.
  • Finalist in Channel's Most Powerful Voices Top Ten beating out hundreds of other participants across the country (Matthew Knowles was one of the judges).
  • Four time South Florida Gospel Music Awards nominee.
  • Urban Inspirational nominee.

Talking about being APPOINTED, yes she is but not just to getting awards and nominations. She is also APPOINTED to proclaim glad tidings to the meek and to the broken through her music and the preached Word of GOD.

Despite not having much of a music background, way back in the day, prior to releasing her first single, “You Know”, Appointed was writing songs on scraps of paper, in her heart, in the car, on the streets, well, just about wherever! Appointed would even bang out chords on a little Casio piano in a shack house in the “hood" not knowing or caring where her efforts would lead. She just knew that the music in heart needed to come out.

Along the way, Appointed battled various levels and types of adversity that included drug addiction, child abuse, depression, homelessness, domestic violence and child molestation. During those hard times, Appointed did not know that all of the things she endured would ultimately lead to GOD being glorified through her life as she is a living, walking, breathing testimony to what GOD can do with what is meant to harm.

Appointed believes that only what is done for Christ will last. She indeed loves the Lord! Her love of GOD and His people is evidenced by her willingness to give as much as she can, as often as she can, rather than to simply receive. “Although it's been rough, it's been fair because I know that GOD is for me and has my best interest at heart” states Appointed.

Currently, Appointed serves as a Pastor who is also a wife, mom, community volunteer. She firmly believes that building and maintaining a strong family bond is one of her all time greatest accomplishments.

Her long awaited debut project, “Your Love” has been described by as “electric”. Appointed is on a mission to make massive moves as the Lord leads.



  • Appointed- Vocalist


Appointed & Mic-Won: Spiritual Intent

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Gospel Music Channel Most Powerful Voices Music Contest
"Congratulations to all of you who made the Top Ten in the independent artist category. It’s quite an honor as you were judged by experts from GMC, Roland, The American Heart Association, and Music World Gospel, including Mathew Knowles, president and CEO of Music World. ”

- Toni, GMC Most Powerful Voices Team

San Diego Voice & Viewpoint 

The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint
Section B2

"Mic-Won and Appointed of Fly Away Records soar on the mic"

Mic-Won and Appointed if Fly Away Records sing God's message with the music, passion and energy of a new generation. "Jesus saves! Jesus gives! The Calvary Baptist Church congregation sang on Saturday night, Sept. 5 with an energetic Rap and Vocals or "R&V" flavor, a term coined by the performers who led the church group in praise and song that night.

With hip-hop and dance and a language, rhythm and sound that appeals to the young, the " Fly Away" duo speaks God's message. The two artists, exuding a strong presence and compatible bonding on stage, bought the crowd to its feet and brought their hands in the air in praise. The performers' love for music and God shone brightly through the performers.

Appointed said she is inspired when she performs and writes music. She feels god's presence flowing through and within her each times she faces audience. Through his rap and verses, Mic-Won said he is able to help others learn to be able to 'fly away' to God.

"Flyaway" record label is an independents hip-hop gospel one with music and language of the modern generation. The record, only with beginnings in 2001, has received favorable response from its listeners through numerous tours and performances around the country, from the east to west coast. Their new release "Shine, The Light Experience" is now available . Visit for more information "Music is the best way to spread God's message," said Mic-Won, a San Diego artist Music is timeless and appreciated by all, he added.

Children and young teens and adults can relate more easily to the scriptures and values of the church when it is in a medium they understand, he said. " We want to help share to the that it's cool to be in the church," Mic-Won said, as young children played nearby, seeing Mic-Won perhaps as a role model.

Appointed said she has had to work hard to develop her singing talent. And, together with Mic-Won and their supporters, Fly Away label is growing with diligence and perseverance. "It didn't come easy" she said "All in God's time".

The Gospel Zone 

Excerpt From The Conference Review.

Who would've known? Appointed & Mic Won got on stage and ripped! They were a surprise; they had us all fooled, but their ballads and combination of lyrics/hard-core beats gave them a boost despite some problems with the sound system. After a performance like that, I was exhausted; my palms were sweatin from holding my camera so tight.

Special-T Records 

Don't Stop Giving God The Glory! 

by Special-T Records Rating: 10

I heard the samples from the CD and I was very impressed! Keep on giving God the glory, and keep him first in your life. You will see God move! I love your beats also! Keep up the good work for God's Kingdom! God Bless!

Big UPS!

"Appointed and Mic-Won are an annointed minstry and music team. Their unique style of R&V is upbeat, and guranteed to get anyone on their feet. I enjoy their ministering performances everytime I go to one of their shows" - ThaPsalmist2.

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