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17 Out Of The 25 Music Marketing Training Sessions Completed Thus Far | More To Learn
Hi everyone, I thought I give you guys a quick update and status on the Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 (MMM3) Training I'm currently participating in! So far, I've completed 17 out of the 25 lessons/training sessions, which is at a fairly moderate speed being that I'm proceeding with this in my spare time. It's a very thorough and well put together marketing strategy that John Oszajca, a musician, marketer, and the creator who obviously spent countless hours developing. I won't go into details, most of you already heard me preach about the benefits it contain. But what I will reiterate is that I'm truly truly impressed on the active engagement that John and his staff is providing. I mean these guys seem to have 99 pair of eyes and ears. They swiftly answer questions from what appears to be hundreds of participants who are involved in the training each on different phases. I honestly haven't seen anything like this online except from corporate professionals that spend a grip for their company! And what's so amazing is that once you opt in to participate in this music marketing training, you have a source to go to even after the training is complete. Heck, that seems like a lifetime membership if you ask me! I no longer need to pay for any other training that involved marketing and advertising! Oh, but there is one thing you should know. It's possible you might walk away from this training with a blown up big head because you will learn techniques that people went to a university to learn :-). So, if you decide to join us, keep it humble ok :-)!

Well fam that's all I have for now, but I'll try and touch basis again soon. If you signed up to receive our promotions and marketing tips by email, you obviously have priority and will hear from us much quicker! By the way, for those who may not be aware of our Free SoundCloud Promotion, we are now offering you the opportunity to promote, market, and sell your song on two of our marketing websites free of charge! If this appeal to you, don't delay to get the hook up! Our last and final playlist is halfway full and it will be a minute before we add and rotate songs.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who submitted the wonderful endorsements and comments on Linkedin, Google Plus, and Facebook. It truly means a lot to us when you take the time out to express your love and appreciation for our marketing outreach services. Our prayer and hope is that you will fulfill your mission and assignment that you was given. If we are not connected on Linkedin and you would like to connect, feel free to join our group by Clicking Here

If it's not to much to ask we would be honored and grateful if you would leave a comment on our parent website or sister website "Comment Box" on the home page near the footer! It lets us and others know if these types of promotions are helpful to the body of Christ! You will benefit as well. Your Facebook name will link back to your own Facebook page, which can lead to more traffic! It’s like leaving your business card for all to reach you! God bless you Saints and we pray you receive His devine favor!

Your Sister In Christ,

Brenda Solomon

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