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Seminar Descriptions - Resources

  • Instrument Fundamentals for Arranging

Understanding how everyone’s instrument should work together within the whole band sound is a core skill for building solid arrangements. This top tips style seminar works through some practical do’s don’ts hint’s and cheat’s for each instrument in the worship team and it’s place in the sonic spectrum. Taught by Andy Chamberlain, Tim Martin and Sam Hargreaves.

  • Band Skills – Practical Musicianship Skills

In this session we unpack some of the ‘mechanics’ of developing band skills. Including lots of tips and ideas on Tuning, Timing, Groove and dynamics, all aimed at playing together better. Taught by Andy Chamberlain and Tim Martin.

  • Band Skills – Playing with Emotion

In this session we tie the technical skills in the previous session together with ideas and exercises on playing with feeling, meaning and emotion in order to better serve, engage and communicate with your congregations. Taught by Andy Chamberlain and Tim Martin.

  • Rehearsals, Soundchecks and Basic PA for Worship Teams

Learn how to make your rehearsals and sound checks go smoothly and efficiently getting the most out of the time available. Gain a better understanding of how PA works and learn about micing and amplification for different instruments.  Taught by Andy Chamberlain and Tim Martin.

  • Worship Leading Principles and Choosing Songs

Explore foundational principles of leading sung worship, putting together sets of songs and releasing congregations to respond authentically and passionately.

  • Worship Leading, Creating Flow and Spontaneity

Going beyond the basics of worship leading into how we link and flow a journey of worship, drawing people in to deeper engagement with God.  Also thoughts on preparing you and your band for spontaneous leading and moving in the Spirit.

  • Worship Ideas Beyond Music

Principles and loads of practical ideas for leading worship using styles and art forms beyond just singing, or ties these creative ideas seamlessly into sung worship.  Great for releasing more of the congregation into more of who God is.

  • Practical Worship Leading Skills for Everyone

A highly practical workshop for the whole worship team

  • Vocals – Breathing, warm-ups, harmonies and microphone technique

Learn to make the most of your voice by getting posture and breathing right and steal some ideas for warm-up exercises that you can do in the shower on Sunday mornings! We will also cover areas of vocal skills that are particularly relevant to worship leading, such as improvising harmonies and microphone technique. In Stafford, a 3-seminar vocals stream will run. Delegates are welcome to come to one or all of the vocals seminars.

  • Releasing Multi-Media and Digital Rights in the Church.

If the Apostle Paul had Roman roads and Martin Luther the printing press then churches today have the use of the Internet and technology to aid the communication of the gospel. CCLI act as a central agent working to guide churches through the digital and multi media copyright maze. Chris Williams, with 20 years working in the rights industry, aims to provide a simple overview of the legal structures and opportunities using modern technology within ministry.

The seminars are presented by:


Andy Chamberlain is a co-founder of Musicademy and Worship Backing Band. Andy is a guitarist and in the past has played for Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching, Brenton Brown and many others. Presenter of Musciademy’s Worship Guitar DVDs and Playing By Ear DVDs. Andy writes a monthly column for Worship Leader Magazine and regularly teaches music and worship seminars in both the UK and North America.


Tim Martin is currently the music minister of Christ Church Clifton in Bristol. He is a graduate of the Theology, Music and Worship course at London School of Theology and has previously worked as a high school music teacher. Tim is a multi-instrumentalist and presents Musicademy’s Worship Keyboard and Orchestral Instrument DVDs.

sam-hargreaves-photoSam Hargreaves is co-leader of Engage Worship and lecturer in the LST Theology, Music and Worship Department will be leading some of the seminars.  Sam is passionate about innovative, creative worship and leads training and services for local churches and national conferences.  He also co-leads, writing and sharing worship songs.

nickirogersNicki Rogers is an accomplished singer songwriter, who has recorded several critically acclaimed solo albums. Her own singing career has taught her the value of good singing technique, and the practical advantages of having the right kind of vocal coaching. Nicki uses a variety of established teaching methods aimed at ensuring that each student has a tailor made pathway to reach their potential. Nicki currently works with students at Radley College in Oxfordshire and London School of Theology, and tutors privately.

Deborah Clarke will lead the vocals workshop in Northwood.  Deborah was Musicademy’s first vocals tutor and features on the Musicademy Worship Vocals DVDs as a singing “student”. She is a multi-talented singer, songwriter who as well as gaining a distinction at the Academy of Contemporary Music, has written tracks and sung on a number of professional albums. As well as being an accomplished vocals coach Deborah also sings in the Musicademy function band.

Chris-WilliamsChris Williams is Sales Manager for CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International). With 20 years working in the rights industry, his seminars aim to provide a simple overview of the legal structures and opportunities using modern technology within ministry.


What people thought of previous training days:

“Good numbers from lots of different types of churches and denominations; good venue, welcome, coffee, facilities etc; excellent teaching from high calibre speakers; good interaction and questions; general level of buzz at coffee and lunch breaks – church musicians sharing experiences” Alan Mitchell, Royal Society of Church Music

•”EVERYTHING was relevant to me as worship team leader. None of it was at all boring, the time absolutely flew. All the speakers made it very accessible and were great fun to be around.”

“I enjoyed the practical focus, and fact that the advice was given with understanding that not everyone has a full, consistent band every week..”

•”The loose but structured schedule was a very effective approach. It allowed the sessions to flow freely and you didnt need to think about where it was going next – you just let it all happen and you could concentrate on listening and participating.”

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