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Music Marketing Project I've Been Involved With

Music Marketing Project I've Been Involved With

Blessings everyone! I hope you are doing well. I've had a few folks who really have been very kind to show their love through endorsements for our blogging, sharing of marketing tips, and providing various promotions to assist with exposure. You are the best, thank you so much! Each and every one of us volunteers at Devine Jamz Gospel Network want to see your ministry blossom! I would like to think that everyone actually is putting the tools and information to use! 

I know some of the tools we share are not what you are use to. But it's what people who make a living in marketing use on the norm. And it doesn't take a specialist in the music industry to know that only a few will receive a major record deal. Especially from a label that is willing to spend thousands or millions branding an artist for recognition.  

If you are like many who minister for the Lord's purpose and not your own, you really don't need to be in the spotlight to fulfill God's great commission anyway! In fact, it would be humbling of you to take the route that would least shine the spot light on yourself! I know you guys are talented and have a special gift for the whole world to share in it. For so long the mainstream music industry have had control over who and how artists would be exposed. But let me tell you something, God is not limited as to how he will broadcast and share your ministry. Don't get caught up in the way things are done in the music industry. Take control and learn how to market your self! If God has given you a message that he want you to go out to all the nations and spread the word, then do it! Start thinking outside the box and use techniques that work! Trust, he didn't send me here just to type and spell words. I too have an assignment from God and that's to help those who would not otherwise receive help to market the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I can't take more time away from my own personal life than I already do to volunteer my services. But, the services we share with you can be implemented by practically anyone who is willing to put in the effort!

One specific self-marketing strategy I recently shared with others was the Music Marketing Manifesto by John Oszajca! I wonder how many artists took advantage of the opportunity to view the free 40 min video. I would imagine that some didn't, while others receive a renewed thinking about their music ministry! Those of you who took a leap of faith and went beyond the free video is probably so excited from all the knowledge and marketing tools you're receiving I'm sure. And I also know how hard it is to break away from the live members area and the training videos.

Lately, I've been so involved in the Music Marketing Manifesto training and live members area that I'm just now taking the time out to write a detail blog. Not to mention, I've been told I'm over due for a blog post because it's been a few days :-)! But I just couldn't pass up on the opportunity to join John in his outstanding Music Marketing Manifesto! And the funny thing about it, I'm not a musician ... lol! The training goes far beyond just marketing music family. Again, people make a real comfortable living from home by just putting in a little work learning how to do-it-yourself! So I'll leave you with this Proverb ... and I sincerely mean this God's people!

Proverbs 10:21 The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of sense.

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