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Music Marketing Manifesto | Our Flag Ship Product

Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 | Our Flag Ship Product

Blessings saints! Here is your free 40 minute marketing manifesto video (MM3) by John Oszajca. As I mentioned in my previous blog, all you will need to do is apply the essential sales marketing strategy used by John and you will benefit from the instructions given.
Now as I also mentioned you need to be sure that your material is ready for marketing including getting true performance feed back from fans, reviewers, or anyone who will keep it real with you. That's just from me to you. Doing so can save much time and costly mistakes launching your music to soon. John will also give you an opportunity to receive marketing tools to include software for word press, auto responder, and much more that literally will walk you through the procedures that marketing agencies use today. To be frank, I honestly have not seen any price remotely close to what he is offering if you choose to get the entire marketing manifesto. That's an option though, you can just take from the marketing tips that he discuss in the free 40 minute video! If you haven't read the previous blog that relate to this particular blog, you may want to do so by clicking here. If we earned your appreciation would you please leave a comment below by letting us know? It lets us know if we should continue these types of Free promotions. You will benefit as well. Your Google name will linked backed to your own Google circle, which can lead to more traffic!

Brenda Solomon
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What John Had To Say About The New Music Marketing Manifesto (MM3):

It's been nearly three years now since I released MMM 2.0 and as we approach the release of MMM 3.0, I thought it's about time that everything got an overhaul. The new Music Marketing Blueprint is a complete 40 minute lesson in which I share the exact process I have used to help thousands of artists and which was even responsible for the all time single day sales record over at CD Baby. It's the complete A - Z of the process I've been using, and which has been EVOLVING, for three years now. If you've been with me for a while you might see some elements that are familiar to you. But the presentation is 100% new, and is fundamentally the same talk I give at conferences and colleges around the world.

Talk soon, 
John Oszajca
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