God's Rising Children

God's Rising Children

Guest blog post: 
By Universal Disciple
Website: www.universaldisciple.com  

As children of God we are all faced with difficulties. We should be aware of invincible forces that are against us daily. These unseen forces have been here before we were created. They have been around with satan since he rebelled against God. Walking a righteous path in this world is very challenging for all God's children, but inside us all is victory to overcome these challenges. God will not forsake us and he knows our pain we receive while going through our trials and tribulations. The enemy wants us destroyed. If he can't, he will keep trying to use tactics to weaken us to break us down until he can control our minds. We all get knocked down, no one's perfect in this world. As children of God we must uplift our brothers and sisters to keep fighting because we are all in this together. We have to keep rising for victory until we succeed in defeating the enemy that wants us destroyed!

Universal Disciple,

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