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Before You Market Your Music There is Something You Should Know

Before You Market Your Music There is Something You Should Know  

Music Marketing Manifesto:

Hi saints, I have great marketing news that you will certainly benefit from. I've had the opportunity to listen to a musician who just like many of you turned to promoting himself due to the challenges that most Independent artists face today. Although he received a few record deals from major labels, he was let go because he could not meet the sales that were required. However, he didn’t give up. He started his own marketing business (music marketing manifesto) and currently doing well enough to share his strategy. As a musician he has been professionally performing, writing and recording music for nearly 20 years. He also set the single day sales record for an artist on CD Baby using the strategy that you will learn. Now I don’t endorse people or companies that haven’t shown proof of their promotions and I wouldn’t inform you about these marketing strategies if I didn’t have facts or understanding about it. But this is right on point and for sure a posse ad esse (from possibility to reality). Now as you will be told in the free video which is about 40 minutes for just the overview, it’s not a magic bullet or hyped up sales pitch that I’m willing to sell my soul to gain a few marketing points. In fact, if you have a little knowledge about the essential of Internet sales marketing you will be able to take the information from the video and apply it immediately. What you will learn is what many if not all sales marketers are aware of. The only thing is, major marketing agencies charge folks crazy dollars for something an individual can do on their own if they would apply the time and effort. Personally, I could use the technique myself and start charging folks ridiculous rates to market a project. But I believe the one who oppresses the poor to increase his own gain and the one who gives to the rich--both end up only in poverty (Proverbs 22:16). Furthermore, I can sleep well at night knowing that Devine Jamz Gospel Network helped encouraged a artist, manager, or promoter to press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:13-14).

I’ll get into it more in my next blog and provide you the details how to get the music manifesto. Just make sure to join our Google plus circle that's within the right sidebar. We don't share every blog post on other social network pages out of respect of flooding other folks platform. But we believe it’s crucial that you received word of mouth from others that your music sounds good enough to market to the mass media. One way to find out if the music you created is ready for the public is to get true performance feed back.

Get True Performance Feedback:

One of my weaknesses is providing artists my opinion about a song that they worked hard at creating. Even more, they ask me to give an opinion about a Christian song that ultimately was created to honor God and encourage others. I’m sure I put my self out there on a few occasions and told some of you that your song was jamming. But on the norm I rather not rate music on any scale. I believe God has gifted people who have a passion to do such calling. That’s why at Devine Jamz Gospel Network I leave music reviewing to the music reviewers. That’s what they do! Nonetheless, it’s important that you get folks who can give you their honest opinion about your music. Getting true performance feedback can help you make adjustments and save you from making costly marketing mistakes launching a campaign to early.

I once read from a marketing source at PRWeb that the most authentic word of mouth doesn’t focus on the product; it focuses on what people do with it. How does it make your fans lives better? How does a song help them pursue their passions? Does it encourage or inspire them? All of those questions should be apart of your production prior to releasing your material to a marketing company for distribution. All to often I observe artists putting all their faith in marketers as if they made the CD or song. Sure, there are ways that a good marketing strategy will increase your sells. Again, I will provide you with the information about that in my next blog. But for now, try devoting time and resources getting true performance feedback. Assure those that you ask to critique your music that it’s ok if they are not feeling it. Sooner or later you will tap into peoples’ spirit. And when that day comes, the anointing of God will break every yoke and bless you with an abundance of listeners! Stay tune for The Marketing Manifesto that will help you gain the knowledge to market your own music. If we earned your appreciation would you please leave a comment below by letting us know? It lets us know if we should continue these types of Free promotions. You will benefit as well. Your Google name will linked backed to your own Google circle, which can lead to more traffic! God bless you and I pray that you receive His devine favor!

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