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5 Reasons Why Recording Artists Need Their Own Website And Domain Name

Why should I get my own website and domain name?

It’s important to have a website with your own domain name. Especially, if you are trying to generate income or market to a targeted audience.

Of course having your own website and domain name alone will not get you the sales you’re striving for without other important variables. You certainly need to have a great product or have great service at the very least. But it’s probably the most fundamental step in marketing and advertising. You need an online presence to reach the mass.

Unless you plan on going door-to-door or hiring someone to produce traffic and making conversions for you, you’re going to need to utilize the technology and power of a good optimized website! I just can’t see how you are going to get a free website or social network to personalize your ministry or business like a paid domain website can.

Why should I get my own website domain?

  • For one, free websites may not appeal to buyers, promoters, or sponsors.
  • Some have pop-ups and/or unrelated ads that are inconsistent with your niche
  • You cannot index a free website and place it on Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engines.
  • You have limited control regarding space, html coding, gadgets, etc
  • And most importantly, if you will not invest in your own business or ministry why would anyone else invest in you? Budget and get serious about your business!

For those five reasons alone is enough to educate you on why you’re possibly lacking in sales or reaching your potential fan base. I’m sure if you Google “What is the benefit to having your own website domain” you will find many more important reasons.

It’s time to invest in yourself more. If you already have a free website that you like and the upgrade service is pretty good, make it happen!

If you need a website and domain name and you’re not sure where to look, a good place to go to is BLUEHOST, which have great rates. Ultimately, the goal is to present yourself with a paid domain website that can showcase your project with SEO capabilities! 

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