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Hi everyone, I have a update to the recent SongCast blog I wrote. Those of you who SIGNED UP FOR SONGCAST, you can now create a cool music page for Facebook! But this offer is only for a short time so get it now! If you missed my previous SongCast blog and would like to get the 411 (information),  Click Here! 

Check Out How This Works Saints: With Music Page for Facebook you are able to better connect with your fans through social media!

  • Promote your music with artist and band bios.
  • Sharable music and a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Fans will be able to purchase and listen to your songs directly from Music Page.
  • Links leading straight to major music retailers.
  • A great addition to your fan outreach.
  • Acts as a tile on your band or artist timeline.
  • Fans can scroll down and comment directly on your Music Page.

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