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Add Video Exchange Service To Your Music Website

What do you think about adding video exchange service to your music website?

So I was brainstorming looking for more ways artists can increase music sales. I ran across this Video Exchange website that teach people how to play instruments, sing, and DJ through videos. To be honest, I think many of you that I've seen on video or heard your music should be using this technique like yesterday. Most of you guys already have a ton of videos of your self singing or playing a instrument on YouTube. And many of you have an awesome website that looks professional. Why not gather up your videos, organize them, and place them on your website to use as your teaching tools for new beginners. Not only will you be broadening your talent, you can increase your fan reach.  Click on the banner above to see how the video exchange technique is being used on their website then formulate your own technique to use your videos for teaching.

A great tool that will give your videos a professional appearance is the Viewbix Video Marketing Tool. I wrote a blog about it some time ago. You can go to the blog and explore the benefits using Viewbix. Well, I hope I gave you guys another way of marketing your gift and talent and I pray you receive devine favor!

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