Marketing Savings Alert | 25% Off PRWeb Press Release

Press Release Marketing Savings Alert

End of Summer 25% Off Promotion Details:

Hi guys! I just received notice from my contacts at PRWeb that there is now a promotion to receive a Press Release with a 25% discount! This offer is exclusively available to new PRWeb customers and expires on September 30, 2013. So, if you want a major marketing company to publish and distribute your news to thousands do not delay in receiving this opportunity! 

Here's How PRWeb Can Help Spread Your Ministry:
  • Distribute your ministry or business news to 30,000 online journalists and bloggers and 250,000 PRWeb subscribers
  • Get potential customers talking about your new music or business on social media
  • Jump start web traffic and get found on search engines and news sites
  • Kick start your ministry or business marketing efforts and online presence quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost of advertising!

Click on the banner and sign up now for your free account and get 25% off your first press release!
Get clear spikes in traffic after the news release, followed by a direct correlation in increased sales. We can usually attribute that directly to the PRWeb releases.

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