Make Your Music Available to Music Supervisors

Make Your Music Available to Music Supervisors

Your Music in TV & Film
The music industry continues to grow and evolve, and synchronization licensing provides another potentially lucrative revenue stream for musicians. When you choose TuneCore for your music distribution and publishing administration, your compositions will be added to the TuneCore Synch and Master Licensing Database. You will then be able to tap into the potential to collect more revenue from your compositions through synch licensing. If one of your TuneCore-distributed compositions is placed, you make money and chances are good you'll see more download sales and paid streams, too. All it could take is one major film or television placement to take your music career to the next level. How does that sound?

Exclusive Synch And Master Licensing Database

Music Supervisors will see all time and last week charts ranking the top 200 compositions from TuneCore artists according to iTunes sales reports. The chart can be segmented further into specific genres. Music Supervisors can listen to the compositions and submit quote requests for tracks they think would work for specific projects. Start capitalizing from your work now! Don’t let money stream away!

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