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Bro-Ken | Released Their First Music Video "Daddy, Pick Me Up"


Bro-ken is a band that embraces the heart, soul and very essence of their name. An unashamedly musically diverse Christian group, Bro-ken writes and sings about the reality of trying to live life for the glory of Christ and how that life often breaks you and humbles you before God.

The members bring together a diverse background of musical influences from Blue Grass to a touch of Metal, with some Blues and Country woven though out. They have a little something for everyone in their musical styles. The messages in their music can at once bring your heart to silent reflection and later elevate you to joyous singing along with the crowd. Talented and experienced musicians in their own right, the chemistry of the group is manifest in their songwriting ability. Composing some 20 songs in 2011 and more on the way this year. The only drawback to that has been trying to record during this blitz of creativity. When God blesses, He blesses abundantly!

This song focuses on our relationships with our earthly fathers, and ultimately, our relationship with our Heavenly Father. As fathers, how precious is it to hear our children cry out "Daddy, Pick Me Up!" How much more precious is it to or Heavenly Father when we, as His children, cry out "Daddy" or "Abba Father, Pick Me Up?" Faithfully, He is always there to do so. By Him we cry out "Abba Father!" 2 Corinthians 6:18


Jim Perry - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Jen Webster - Vocals & misc.
Bob Peck - Bass & Vocals


We are currently involved in a recording project, the first phase of which we plan to have done by late October or early November 2013. This EP is to include 5 songs which will also be posted on Sonibids.

Our latest song, "Daddy, Pick Me Up" can be previewed on our Reverbnation site. A music video for the song has also been posted.

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