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VibeNation | Sell Your Music And Get Instant Payment

Sell Your Music And Get Instant Payment


0% Commission

The best part is we take absolutely no commission from your sales, all payments get deposited directly to your PayPal account. Other websites take up to 50% commission of your sales! We figured that you want to keep all your hard earned cash to yourself.

Instant Payment

Don't wait to get paid for the music you sell, get paid instantly into your PayPal account. The money goes straight from the buyer to you, no middle man, no waiting, no worries.

Sell on Unlimited Websites

You can use the VibeNation player on unlimited websites at no extra cost, taking your exposure to a whole new level. All you have to do is copy and paste the widget player code onto the websites of your choice and you can start selling immediately directly from your player.

Instant Download Links

With VibeNation, the whole process of selling music has been fully automated. Once your customer has selected music to purchase from your store, they are redirected to PayPal for payment. After successful payment has been made, you and your customer instantly receive an order confirmation email with all of the relevant download links. You can track all of your orders from the Members section. Effortless.

Send High Quality WAV files

As well as sending MP3's to your customers, you are able send high quality WAV files as well. This is a great option for your customers so they can get CD quality music to listen to.

Sell Unlimited Albums

Have a large discography? Sell it all with VibeNation, don't leave anything behind. With VibeNation you can add as many albums as you want, so you can now blow the dust off those old records you made and monetize them!

Sales Tracking

So you're selling your music on many different websites, making sales left, right and center. Money is coming in nicely, but you want to push it that much extra, what do you do next? This is where Sales Tracking from VibeNation comes in, where you can track exactly where each sale comes from, so you can see which websites are working, and which websites are not. You'll then be able to mould your marketing campaign around these results and abolish wasted marketing techniques.

Play Snippets

Tired of putting your music on websites that play your whole song, reducing the possibility of a customer making a purchase? Well, fret no more, with VibeNation you choose how much of the song you want the customer to hear. You can set 30, 60 or 90 second snippets of your songs, giving your listeners a good idea of the track, but also giving them reason to purchase the track to hear more! But if that's not for you, you can let them listen to the entire track, it's completely customisable on a song by song basis.

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