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To Forgive and Forget | Easier said than done

This is a blog response to a discussion posted in our Linkedin Group. Memoirs Rhonda Johnson posted: "To Forgive and Forget Is It That Easy?” 

I pondered about this question with serious thoughts and tried putting myself in the most unfavorable situation as possible. I wanted to answer the question truthfully under the worst cast senario. And Then I unintentionally landed on a great blog post located on a separate site written by Rob Stinson titled "Forgiveness – Easier said than done!"

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Forgiveness – Easier said than done!


Forgiveness is possibly one of the easiest principles of God to understand. You do something wrong, but the person you wronged lets you off the hook. Easy to understand, just really really hard to do!

Considering how fundamental forgiveness is to what we believe as Christians, I wonder if we give it enough attention. When we do it’s typically because we’re either begging for it or being begged. It’s these moments when we’re reminded of how transformational forgiveness is. Think about it. If someone asks you for forgiveness, you have to respond. You previously may not have even cared too much about whatever that person did, but all of a sudden it’s decision time. You can either hand out mercy and grace or you can shore up the defenses and decide that what this person has done doesn’t deserve forgiveness. It’s all or nothing.
The reverse is the same. If you’re asking for forgiveness, you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable and humble position. Is that natural? Definitely not! Instinct tells us to wall up and not give an inch of ground.

Forgiveness is truly transformational. It alters more than just our emotions. It alters how we perceive ourselves and others. It changes us. And that’s the thing about it. It’s easy to understand, but is actually incredibly disruptive. It’s hard. But then again, I’ve heard that anything worth having is worth fighting for. I’d say forgiveness is worth fighting for.

It’s so interesting when you ask people what it is that keeps them from turning to God. I often hear the words “how could God forgive me and what I’ve done?” It’s such a fair question! How could he? Forgiveness just doesn’t add up! It fight’s against the ol’ Cause and Effect principle the World runs by. This is what makes the gift of forgiveness so much more wonderful. 

This 2011 film called Useless is one of my all time favorite short films. It perfectly illustrates the rawness of forgiveness There’s no hugging or handholding in this story. Forgiveness is fought for and given with personal pain, anguish and without a doubt, transformation.

Watch this film for yourself now and think about what it represents. It shows us what forgiveness is like in reality, but also the freedom and healing it brings.

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