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The Good News Shared Through Gospel Artists And Ministries

The Good News Shared Through Gospel Artists And Ministries

God has blessed us all with a gift and talent(s) for his purpose and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I recently read in Indie connect, a live and online professional business club where it provided ways that a musician performance in his or her local community could be a blessing for many. Musicians also have some degree of influence, and with it the ability to use that influence for good. Here are some ways musicians can accomplish that:
  1. Volunteer to perform for nonprofit events
  2. Offer to perform for schools and include an educational component
  3. Perform for free for underprivileged children/families
  4. Volunteer to teach lessons to underprivileged children
  5. Donate your older, unused instruments to schools
  6. Produce a concert/fundraiser for a specific organization or cause.
  7. Use your influence by offering to be the spokesperson for a nonprofit organization or cause
  8. Write and record jingles or songs for or about local organizations, causes, heroes etc.
  9. Write and record a song that pays tribute to your city.
  10. Band together to tackle problems and challenges that are too big for one person alone to handle.
  11. Volunteer as an individual or group with your local ‘Hands On…’ organization
Donate your unsold CDs or no-longer-used CDs to Musicians On Call, which has set up free CD libraries for patients in hospitals around the country.

This video explains the good news of the gospel story and how it is a gift of God to all those who are set free from the slavery of sin and death.

Brenda Solomon
Christian Marketing Promoter
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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