Igniting passion for Christ and His Cause in your Teens

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If you want your youth group to be a place where lives are transformed, where deep discipleship takes place, and where faith spills out into every aspect and every relationship in your teens' lives, then you need to become a Firestarter.

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Topic: Firestarter - Igniting passion for Christ and His Cause in your Teens

When: August 1st 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

Duration: 60 minutes | This FREE webinar will explore:

  • Teaching as you go - Jesus' model that will change the way you do ministry
  • Spark, Wood, Wind - The elements needed to create a passionate blaze in your teens's hearts
  • The Rabbi/disciple relationship  - How it ensures deep growth and lasting impact
  • Accelerant - The one activity you can implement immediately that will quicken spiritual growth in your group

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