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Create A iPhone Music App Easily | Then Test It Out For Free

iPhone Music Apps You Can Test For Free

uBuildApp build your app for as low as $279
So I'm checking through my "Do It Yourself" marketing resources so that my followers can effectively promote their ministry. And I came across a popular app that any artist or individual can use to create a iPhone money maker gadget in minutes! The cool thing about this mobile reach app is that you actually get to modify your own iPhone app for FREE. Then you get to test it out before paying a dime....say whatttt! You heard me right! You get to play around with the app to test and see what will work best for you. And when you decide what you like, you can start using it to make a profit after you provide a fee that last for a year. Now I'm feeling that kind of bargain. No monthly fees to pay! No hidden fees! I can dig it! But, check out the website and read the details to make sure everything is to your liking! There is also a video below for you to check out!


How It Works

your ideas plus we build your app equals your app
In minutes you can be testing your app on your iPhone. In a day, it could be released to the iTunes store.
  1. Create your app for free
  2. Choose the features (buttons) you want
  3. Test your app on your iPhone using the Zine City app
  4. Pay and we will submit your app to Apple for release
Once you are happy with your app, our staff will compile and release your app. After your app is released, you can still edit all of your buttons (app content) for up to a year. If you want to change the contents of a button, or even the icon used for that button, no problem. A small maintenance fee in a year will extend your full privileges.

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Brenda Solomon
Christian Marketing Promoter
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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