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Calling All Songwriters - How Important is Audio Quality To You?

Does audio quality matter when it comes to presenting your songs to industry professionals? It's a question that is asked a lot by members at Audio Rokit. The truth is that it does matter in most situations, but music style and context play a role. 

If you're submitting music to a top pop act like The Saturdays (recently listed on Audio Rokit) you can bet that the A&R will probably want to hear something close to a finished production.

The reason is that some pop songs only "work" in context with the overall sound of the music production. Labels and publishers simply don’t have the money or patience to take an “almost there” project and develop it.

If, however you are able to get involved with a development project or an artist who is working with one producer, you may get away with something much more basic. Producers are much more likely to experiment with rough song ideas for their artist(s).

Apple Beam studios told us;

I remember hearing a demo of Britney Spears song "Toxic" which was sent to 19 management. The demo production was ready to go, in fact I don't think anything changed from demo to final release. Britney Spears won a Grammy with that track!

How good is good enough?

A great song is only a great song if someone hears it, so make sure they don't bin it purely because it sounds flat or uninspiring. Your music production should be as good as your song writing so as to give yourself the best possible chance of getting a song placement.

Got music to pitch?

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