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Stream Your Music And/Or Ministry On Quality Video Using Our Radio Broadcast Cirrus Player

Stream Your Music And/Or Ministry On Quality Video Using Our Radio Broadcast Cirrus Player

Gospel Radio Promotions And Advertising By Devine Jamz Gospel Network introduce our next generation streaming player; a revolutionary upgrade intended to provide you with the tools and features needed to increase listening time and user interaction. Built with cross-browser compatibility in mind, it will ensure maximum desktop reach and functionality. Click Here To Explore Our Services!

Now you can stream live professional-quality video from your Ustream Channel right on your desktop player!

As long as you're on our latest Cirrus™ Player. All you have to do is setup a Ustream account, if you don't already have one, then go to your Radio Control Panel to add your Ustream Channel ID. It's that simple!

You can provide live videos for your listeners right on your player anytime you wish, accessible via the menu, as shown below:

Here's a step-by-step on how to add this to your player:

Log into the Radio Control Panel.

From your control panel's 'RADIO STREAMING' section, choose your station from the drop-down menu.

Choose the green 'DESKTOP PLAYER' tab.


Toggle the 'ENABLE USTREAM ON DESKTOP PLAYER' button to the 'ON' position, and enter in your Ustream Channel ID in the box to the right.

 Save your settings.

You will now find a Ustream icon on your player's menu (after refreshing your player). When a user clicks on the icon, it will mute your live audio stream and automatically start playing your live video within the player. Click Here to view a live demo of the Ustream integration on the player.

If you have any questions or need to upgrade to our Cirrus™ Player, feel free to open a support ticket Here


  • Any studio automation format
  • Totally customizable players
  • Multi-station players
  • Player doubles as a website
  • Playlist with interactive history
  • Easy and simple player editing
  • Embed players anywhere
  • Embed playlists anywhere
  • Embed schedule in player
  • Social feeds
  • Stats and market metrics reports
  • Player chat
  • Song requests
  • Song lyrics
  • Sharing players via AddThis
  • Send to mobile
  • Stream to all desktops
  • Stream to all major browsers
  • Stream to all mobile phones and tablets
  • Stream in HE-AACv2 (formerly known as AAC+)
  • Stream on-demand audio/video
  • Stream down notification
  • Stream backup
  • Royalty accounting
  • Ad Network
  • Ad replacement / insertion
  • Player takeover
  • Multiple banner ad slots
  • Audio pre-rolls
  • Video pre-rolls
  • Banner pre-rolls
  • Data collection - mailing lists
  • Geo-restriction
  • Password protection
  • Artist, track, album in player
  • Artist, track, album on your site
  • Display album art
  • Black-outs and white-listing
  • Player access control
  • StreamBlock stream protection
  • Interactive apps

Brenda Solomon
General Manager And Partner
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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