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How Hipscan Can Help Musicians and Ministries

Hipscan sends mobile devices to your website or anything online!

Two of the most radically evolving industries out there are the book industry and the music industry. Book stores and record stores have been closing their doors left and right as a result of not being able to keep up with the digital movement within both industries.
Due to these digital advancements and leaps in technology, there are multiple ways that Hipscan can help promote the works of musicians and authors.

Think about how the music industry works—or, to be more precise, think of how the access to digital tools has allowed indie bands to get recognized by a wider audience on the internet. Having a great website is almost crucial to providing your audience with information.

Using a Hipscan, bands can create new ways to share information and material with their fans as well as brand new listeners. Anyone that has been on a college campus has seen fliers and posters for upcoming shows or a local band that is peddling their CDs. By placing a Hipscan on these posters, the band opens up a whole new level of opportunity for themselves and the scanner. They can have their Hipscan direct users to:
  • The band’s website
  • A landing page with an updated and recent list of concerts
  • Samples of their music
  • Free music downloads
  • If the band has music on major platforms, the Hipscan can link to their iTunes page or a Spotify playlist with their music.
All of these options allow the scanner to get a better feel for the band. Also, this helps with word of mouth, as a simple press of a button or two can send the information to friends that might also be interested in the band.

Alternatively, bands can also start placing Hipscans on their album inlays (for those that have not totally given it up in favor of all-digital formats) to direct listeners to their online store where consumers can then buy materials such as shirts, stickers, and so on.

Hipscan has the ability to connect individuals in all industries to the audience that will give them the best chance at success.  Those involved in the music industry are no exception.

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