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Wait on Your Boaz

Wait On Your Boaz was created to encourage and uplift women of all ages and backgrounds. The Biblical character Ruth was an outsider, alone, outcast. Boaz looked past her flaws and saw her true worth. Wait On Your Boaz is a page dedicated to celebrate each woman's TRUE WORTH!

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Who is Boaz? Boaz was a man written about in the Book of Ruth in the Bible. This site is much more than a Bible story or a man named Boaz or the object of his affection, Ruth. It’s about ‘YOU’ and every woman who longs for her ‘inner’ beauty to be respected.

Ruth was an outsider, a nobody; had nothing and was nothing – to the world at least. What the world at large saw as worthless, Boaz saw great worth! He not only saw the worth in Ruth, he acted on it. He respected, honored and protected Ruth like a priceless jewel. He risked his money and reputation to marry her.

Ruth and Boaz is a great love story!

Wait On Your Boaz is dedicated to all the women who longs for that special love story; that happily ever after. This is about having a higher standard for those who approach you for love. It’s about not settling for less. It’s about uplifting yourself first and ‘then’ finding a mate who will respect that fully. 

Come join the movement and Wait on Your Boaz!

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