About A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

About A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP) is a grassroots, student-led ministry that began in Yellowstone National Park in 1951 with the dream of providing Christian community for the people working in, living in, and visiting the first national park in the world.

Since then — for more than 60 years — ACMNP has given a Christian interpretation to the awe and grandeur of God’s creation in the nation's national parks. ACMNP has always been a ministry in rather than to the national parks, serving employees, residents, and visitors through interdenominational worship services on Sundays.

Today, ACMNP lives its mission by sending roughly 200 ministry team members into 75 locations in 25 national parks from Alaska to the Virgin Islands. Over 30,000 people worship together in ACMNP services every year, experiencing the glory of God by seeing it first-hand — nothing compares to the inspiration that comes from worshipping God the Creator in the beautiful outdoors!

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