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Free Video Marketing Tool To Help With Sales

Free Video Marketing Tool To Help With Sales 

In these days many people are searching for quick results marketing their ministry! If they don’t get what they are looking for within seconds, they press on! Needless to say, that’s an easy way to miss your mark! But nonetheless, given the fact that people want what they are looking for quickly, in marketing one of the best tools being used is video marketing! With online video marketing you will be able to retain the attention of your customers for longer durations because the Internet users are highly receptive to online videos.

Online video marketing strategies were only limited to top brands with huge marketing budget few decades ago. Small and medium sized businesses were unable to afford online video marketing. Also the low speed Internet technology and expensive video sharing platforms curtailed small players online. Today that is not the case! You will be able to improve your online visibility using video marketing.

Viewbix adds interactive apps to your videos, engage viewers and drive calls to action.

The apps display dynamic content on top of any video, including YouTube, Vimeo Pro or self-hosted videos, that can be shared across the web, social and mobile platforms. 

Viewbix offers over 2 dozen apps including photo feeds, coupons, Google maps, RSS feeds, QR codes, Yahoo Weather, and YouTube playlists.

Viewbix supports custom branding including your logo, colors, call to action text, and more. Check out the examples shown on Viewbix and use this tool to help boost the prsence of your ministry or business! 

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