Broken Box Ministries Invite You To Praise Fest 2013 On Sunday April 14th

Hosted by 
Minister Jon & Dr. Naima Bush 

Join us for a night of music, fellowship, and lifting up the Lord! The Event Will Be On Sunday April 14, 2013 5:00PM at the Solid Rock Baptist Church, Located 1337 East 5th Street, Port Arthur, TX (Pastor Richard Keaton Nash).

With Music By 
The Solid Rock Praise Team
Tammie Davis
Mary Motley
Eastern Star Praise Team
And other Anointed Artists!

Talented Gospel Rap Artists seeking to gain more exposure, we welcome you to Volunteer and Join in the performance Line Up! Contact Jon Bush or Dr. Naima Bush at 615-946-2535!

Invite Dr. Naima Bush 
To Your Church

Surrounding churches in the Port Arthur and Houston area that might be interested in having the gifted and talented Dr. Naima Bush sing or speak Sunday morning April 14th, 2013 please send an invitation to:   

View Dr. Naima Bush ministry information at:


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