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How You Can Help New Christian Artists | Info About Me

Hi, my name is David Moore. I'm a Christian Music Examiner at: I just recently partnered with Devine Jamz, I do Christian music reviews and interviews. I will review any Christian artist that comes my way, and if you impress... you may even get an interview done on Examiner.

Devine Jamz has already sent me some great artists, I believe that the Devine Jamz ministry is doing some great work to help artists!

I'm also a Christian songwriter myself, me and my wife write songs together now. It helps us have an activity that we both can love and share in, other than studying our Bibles together and the many other things we do together! You can check out the music we do together, under our band name "Tyde Moore." But we only have one song released at the moment, but we're working on some more and hope to have the money for another production soon. We do not perform ourselves, we feature other artists in our music and release it... just to be sure that all of it is heard by the public.

Now, I wanted to tell you how you can help up and coming Christian artists. I do the reviews and interviews with these great artists, but in order for it to help them... people need to see it! That is where you come in, if you go to you'll see a link to subscribe to get these interviews and reviews by e-mail! Subscribing would not only be greatly appreciated by me, it would be greatly appreciated by the artists I review/interview. While you're there you can see some of my past interviews and reviews, including one just released with Dove Award winner, Michael Sweet!

Upcoming: Interview with Katelyn McCarter!

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