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Free Christian Music Reviews and Interviews by Oakland Christian Music Examiner

Christian artists, if you want to get your music reviewed or a interview, here's how you can do so with our partner at!

Oakland Christian Examiner

My name is David Moore and I'm very passionate about Christian music. I even write my own Christian music with my wife Krista, under the name "Tyde Moore." You can find my music at any digital retailer online. What you can expect from the Oakland Christian Music Examiner: I love to help Christian artists, especially ones nobody has ever heard of, but should hear of. Your reviews will be posted onto,, and with our partner Devine Jamz Gospel Network. So, you get a lot of free buzz on multiple websites.
1. Send to us BEFORE you actually release it (If possible), we want to do reviews before the release so that we are one of the first to review. This helps bring us more traffic in exchange for reviewing your album or single. If you've already released it and want a review, we will still do it for free ... just send it along with a link to where it can be purchased and a link to your website and social network profiles if you have them.

2. E-mail TydeMoore(at) with subject "Free Christian Music Review Request" or something like it.

3. We prefer that you send your music as a link to where we can easily listen to a streaming version, but if this is not possible send an attachment with mp3 files.

4. Don't ask for a good review, we'll give you a review ... but it will be an honest review, we will not compromise the integrity of our reviews. If you have a link to your website (as long as your site has no false doctrines, or explicit language or content), we will include it in our review. So, even if our review isn't so kind to you, you still get the publicity.

5. All Christian music sent to us and received will be reviewed, but sometimes we have additional questions and when we send you a question ... If we receive no response, we do not proceed with the review. We think it's rude since we are reviewing your music for free, we are doing you the favor. So, if we don't get a response we feel like we shouldn't promote your music, because it's a reflection on your attitude. Be professional with us too, even if you don't like the review ... because professionalism in our industry will get you a long way and unprofessionalism will hold you down, even if you are the most talented person in the world!

6. Finally, I will try to review your music in a timely manner.

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