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Christian spotlight: The blogging Minister, Vernon Dale Cook

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David Moore is a Christian songwriter and has a certificate of achievement in Music Industry Studies from Diablo Valley College. David also has many years of experience writing Christian related topics for his own websites, including among many others.

Vernon Dale Cook - A Volunteer Blog Minister at Devine Jamz Gospel Network's "Free Advertising Christian Blog" Site.

Vernon Dale Cook is 40 and resides in New London, Wisconsin. Vernon Dale Cook, who also goes by the name Dale, is continuing his education Through Apostolic Faith International Online Bible Institute (AFOL). Dale is an Apostolic Pentecostal Minister and he attends the Calvary Apostolic Church. Minister Dale is always inviting anyone who may be in the area to stop by. Minister Dale says the church would be happy to meet you. Currently, Minister Dale is enrolled in college to receive his Master of Ministry. He is planning to go out and preach everywhere that God leads him to preach (Acts 8:4). The minister believes he is constantly being rewritten and rebuilt by God. He believes he is here for one reason and that is to change people lives by leading them to Christ. "Life takes you many places", Minister Dale states. "But, why let some of those places stop you from your calling God intended you to use?”

Vernon Dale Cook also volunteers as a minister writing bible base articles for "Free Advertising Christian Blog" a division of Devine Jamz Gospel Network. Brenda Solomon, the manager and co-founder at Devine Jamz Gospel Network stated, "Minister Dale blogs do not go unnoticed". She states, "by far his blog ministry has touched me and the lives of many other readers who view our posts from several shared social networks.” Brenda continues, “In fact, Minister Dale recently created a blog, "A memo from Heaven" that was an on time message for me personally. Just moments before I read Minister Dale's blog, I had received a negative and irritating reply to one of my social network post that offered our free Christian marketing services we provide. For the life of me I could not understand why would a person, particularly a Christian seeking our free services add a comment that is mean and ungrateful! Now, being that I'm human and God is still working on me (smiling), my first thought was to reply with a remark to tell how ungrateful and mean spirited they are! But, I unintentionally came across Minister Dale's blog that describes how to ‘Conquer evil by doing good.’ And immediately caught hold of myself and became the Christian I'm supposed to be again (really smiling now). Dale’s illustrations and deep thoughtful arrangement of quotes from the bible, give meaning to the context that depict real life experiences that we all share! I knew right then, God was telling me to reply back to that person with kindness and understanding. Understanding we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).”

So, we like to pay a tribute to Minister Vernon Dale Cook. At Devine Jamz Gospel Network, we thank Dale for allowing God to use him. Brenda states, “I am forever grateful and honored to have on our blog team an anointed and creative Christian!” Minister Dale’s willingness to take on the task as a volunteer blogger and minister gives great credit to the kingdom of God!

This concludes this edition of "Christian Spotlight" where we shine the light on those who shine the light of Jesus Christ!

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