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Devine Jamz Gospel Network market Christian media products and services that's affordable for Indie Gospel Artists and Christian ministries. Understanding that marketing your Gospel media requires much dedication and often can be costly, we provide the best services at the most reasonable cost as possible. Throughout our Primary Website, our Sister Website, and Blog Site there are free services and special rates for you to take advantage of. Ministries are advertised through our connected Christian organizations, official websites, Radio Station, social networks, Classified Ad page, professional Ad companies, and ranking search engines. Using a targeted SEO method, we are able to deliver your Ad directly to the Christian audience as well as the general public.

Please view our Gospel Radio Promotions and visit our Advertising Partners for discounts and low prices. Not only will you receive more exposure from the services, but together we will bless one another and spread the love of God using the ministry that was granted to us to use. Partial proceeds received from your purchase will contribute to our monthly expenses to pay for the websites we operate for the free marketing and advertising services! 

Our mission is to effectively help Indie Artists and Ministries promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through free marketing and to help edify the Kingdom of God through advertising. 1Cr 9:23, "I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings".

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