The Christian Love Singing Duo | Raymond and Kim

Raymond and Kim are best friends, singing duo, songwriters, and a happily married couple which God has blessed to have a music ministry of their own genre of 'Christian Love'.

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Raymond & Kim have such a unique sound and style of their own that immediately captures the hearts of listeners. They released their Brand new CD of 'Love Defined' that incorporates songs illustrating a love relationship with God and in marriage. Their motto is 'Defining love through music' because it is understood that God IS love and has SO loved the world, that He gave His Son. AND He also gave us all marriage to have someone to enjoy life with! If you enjoy the sounds of Ashford & Simpson, Peaches & Herd, and BeBe & CeCe Winans, you will truly love the chemistry sounds of Raymond and Kim. 

Enjoy the Love Experience with Raymond & Kim! 

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