Success in School

Success in Schools™ is an organization formed to bridge the gap between education and employment in East Africa. 

Help students succeed in and beyond classroom

It was founded in 2005 and registered in February 2009 in Kenya.

We help individuals engage in a process of “true reasoning” to achieve a good match of their characteristics with the demands of the jobs. This helps you manage your career life and develop resilience to overcome work-related challenges.

We are composed of 8 professionals in various fields with a manager in the eight provinces in Kenya. We have established 12 branches, 8 in Kenya and 1 in Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan respectively.

We have helped many draw wise career decisions that set them on appropriate career pathways.

The team has counselled over 600 students in East and Southern Africa on careers and how to study in and beyond high schools and colleges.

Success in Schools™ has published the best-selling motivational, self-help and career counselling book entitled “How to Get A’s Beyond School” written by the director John Gachuku who is currently working in South Sudan.

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