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Make An Impact Ministries

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I started this ministry in April 1999 after the Columbine Shootings. It was very sad and dramatic. I watched some funeral services and saw how the people trusted in God and the impact they had on each other's lives. I hope everyone can make an impact in other people's lives and help them always.

I hope everyone can help to impact other's lives. Together, we can do this. We can impact each other's lives and they can turn around and also impact others and their lives. We can pass it on and it can be the gift that keeps on giving.

If one person witnesses to one person of God, and leads them to Jesus, they can help that person. Then, that person can witness to others and show of God and be a witness and testimony in their lives and influence others and lead others to the Lord as well. They can also turn around and lead others to the Lord.

We can be a good friend to many. Send a note, card, letter, comment, see them in person, phone call. We can tell them what they mean to us. Show them we care. Be there for them when they are sad. We are impacting their live and showing love and care. They will appreciate this. We appreciate it when people show us kindness.

When people are down and sad, they need a friend. People who killed themselves face tribulations and problems and grief. This is sad. I have read stories where a person reached out and showed love, and another person decided not to kill themselves and to live. People made an impact in their lives, and the love and care made them want to live.

We can impact others. We teach them and help them. We show them new ways. We live our lives and act good and are a witness and testimony for God in what we say and do and we will help others. Other people will see God in our lives and know we have something special. We can be positive influences in people's lives. We can shine for Jesus in a fallen world. Together, we can impact other's lives and they can impact others and change the world in a better way and bring many others to the Lord and Heaven.

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