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Independent Musician - David E. Maxwell

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Let us promote each other to greatness for the glory of God our father so that the people of God will be blessed. God's gift to us is life and what we do with our life is our gift back to him!

David E. Maxwell


David was born in Philadelphia, PA. the oldest of seven children, 3-boys and 4-girls. At the early age of five he began to show interest in music. He would strum away at his toy guitar he received one Christmas while his father's band would rehears in the basement. Even though he could not be heard over the drums and other instruments. It did not make a difference to him because to him he was jamming. At age 9 he was given a real guitar by an older cousin who taught him to play an old country honky tonk riff. Thus the torch was lit and the creative Juices began to flow. He was Introduced to church at an early age and loved to sing even though some thought that he should stick to playing instruments.

At age 11 he learned to play many songs by ear, which landed him in his first neighborhood band. David attended Stoddard Fleisher Junior High School where he learned to play the clarinet and alto saxophone. Not knowing how to read sheet music, he would learn by ear and memorize all the songs. As time went on he joined several other bands that traveled and played on the local circuit. He has been a member of several groups such as, The Persuasions, The North Wall Band, The Temporarily Unknown Band, Sure Fire, The Break Of Dawn, Positive Vibes, The Back In Action Band, and The Friends Group, just to name a few.

April of 1990 was an important turning point in his life. David reached out and called on the name of the Lord who answered and delivered him from the gates of hell. Returning to his church roots, he began again, to rebuild his foundation and faith in God. He joined the Hebron Tabernacle Church, where he filled in and played the piano behind the pastors wife during praise and worship services. He began to be strengthened and grow in grace more and more as he acknowledge the gift giver. As the years went by David has been the praise and worship leader for several churches, realizing that the gift of music is not just for self but to minister to others as well.

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  1. I believe that if each one reach one for the purpose of the Kingdom by demonstrating love and for the purpose to be a blessing to them, God will be pleased, and we all will be the better fore it. What better way to receive more than when we give of ourselves, this makes room for more and fresh blessings in our own lives.

  2. Awesome music doc! Keep up the great work doc! May God continue to bless and keep you is my prayer!


    1. Bless you Brother Midiman and than you for all your support. If there is anything that I can do for you Please don't hesitate to ask. You have my email and phone #. Stay blessed my friend.