The Great commission-Another Life International

Before I post the regular blog. I want to inform all my dedicated readers of some great news I received. The Lord has counted me worthy to serve in His harvest field. I was ask to come and work with a very much needed mission.
It has been a dream of mine for quite some time now to go to Africa, work with disadvantaged children, get out of my "comfort zone" and make a difference. In 2013, in association with Calvary Apostolic Church and Another Life International. I will be making a trip to Africa to pastor a community church and to care for these children. Another Life International operates an orphanage and a community church which is located in the village of Kikajjo, Africa. I am posting this because I am raising funds for these orphaned children.

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  1. God is good brother Dale! I'm so happy that the Lord has answered your petition to minister in Africa! I know you will do well and my prayers be with you!