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Promote Your Gift In The Gospel Network Community By daPulse!

The Gospel Network Community In a Nutshell

Christian Networking

This is just another Free source for Gospel communities to share thier ministry and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Also by joining or creating a forum ministries are more likely to get back links to their website and more exposure! Be the first to join the network and create your own pulse or forum!

The Pulse Core

The core of the system is a “Pulse”. A Pulse is a stream of updates on a specific topic and is related to people and other Pulses.

You and Pulse

People can either own a Pulse (Members) or just take an interest in it (Followers). Anyone can write in any Pulse and decide how and when they are notified when new updates are written.

The Pulse and other Pulses

Pulses can connect with each other either by parent Pulses or child Pulses. After a connection is made, every update written on a child Pulse is automatically copied on its parents. 

Devine Jamz Gospel Network
Ministry:    Free Advertising/Marketing
Radio Ads: Affordable Broadcasting Services
Talk Show: Broadcast A Sermon Or Talk Show
Free Sites:  Free Dynamic HTML5 Websites

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  1. I am impressed.This is a great way for the body of christ to know and work with one another without strife or competition. I love it and will be doing promos here.thank yuuuuo.