"Blood Brothaz" By Gospel Artists Theziz and Phlo - A Collective Second Sophomore Album

With the heart of God and the compassion to save souls, Theziz and Phlo gripping lyrics and hard-hitting music stirs the heart and cultivates the mind. On there debut albums “The Invitation” and "The Legecy", Theziz and Phlo take you on a journey of not just there life experiences and testimonies, but through provoking topics such as the album, self titled track “The Invitation” or "Walk Wit Me Now" compels the determined and breaks the unknown for Christ sake. On the debut of "The Legacy: The Day It All Changed" Phlo takes you on a journey of the legacy of Christ and an the development through discipleship.




Theses debut albums, "The Invitation" and "The Legacy" has versatility like no other heard in Holy Hip Hop right now. The albums carries with it the very spirit of each artist. “The Invitation" and "The Legacy" are not just for the young but the young at heart as well. With songs such as “Full Deck” to tell the enemy who holds the real hand and to declare victory, or songs like “Cry Loud” which stretches the limits of the generational gap we are living in to reach everyone in there current positions in life. Or "Wonderful God" to just give God praise for life, love, and being able to praise Christ

In other words, Theziz and Phlo wants the audience to gain a true worship experience through the album to gain a better understanding of God. There are many ministries that are doing this for many reason others for popularity and fame, but Theziz wants to bring the truth straight no chaser. “The reflection of whom and what I am reflects in this album, the very fiber of it is praise, we are vessels created to give God praise and that is what “The Invitation” and "The Legacy" reflects”

Now on a collective second sophomore album "Blood Brotherz" they want to bring the same intensity and heart that "The Invitation" and "The Legacy" did for the body of Christ. They are feature on this album with Shinnel Williams and Jermiah Hicks on vocals.

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