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Indie Artists: There is a site just for you called, "The Christian Artists' Promo Blog". You will feel empowered each time you read one of our easy to follow blogs, either from your phone or computer, because each blog is packed with information on how to market yourself effectively. It doesn't matter if you sing, rap, dance, tell jokes, act, draw or sew, we have what you need to get ahead, because we help offer an alternative option to the trial and error method. Everything is laid out for you here. All you have to do is follow our simple advice or instructions. In fact, we've further simplified matters for you by adding instructional video presentations and audio. This way you can watch and learn, or just listen rather than read. Stop throwing your money away to people pretending to offer services at sites that require more and more money with each additional payment. Be wise and be informed.

Be sure to JOIN when you stop by to check us out. (YES, it's Free to JOIN). Also, FREE Legal Information is provided on a first come, first serve basis to our subscribers. Leave us a Voice Message from our page and we'll be sure to get back. Otherwise, feel free to email us at

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