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is a hybrid of 2 words, Nadia, and Majestic (Majestic spelled differently for variety) Majestic/Majesty: "Having qualities of splendor or royalty"

Najestic believes that her Father Jehovah God, Yahew, is a King, His Son Jesus is the Prince of Peace and since she is His daughter, she is an heir to royalty through the selfless sacrifice of her Savior Jesus Christ and His shed blood.

Najestique aka, Nadia Moncrieffe started singing from a very early age. She was writing songs at the age of 11 in her notebook. Rehearsing Sandi Patti songs, on Sabbath afternoons was one of her favorite pastimes. On long trips with the family, she'd rehearse songs with her at many times not very interested younger sister, "Tuxfuzz".

Later on, she and 2 friends formed their first group in Albermarle, North Carolina. (Courtney, Lisa and Najestique) The trio of friends sang very briefly, before Najestique at the age of 11 moved to Queens, New York.

While attending the High School of Art and Design (A & D), she started to write more often. It was at A & D that she met Cedric Killabeatz Constant, one of her current producers and mentor. Throughout those high school years, she has been involved with several singing groups. The Sounds of Inspiration comprised of Najestique, Quiayea Biah & Christine Williamson sang at various venues including the Maranatha SDA church and Linden SDA. After switching churches, Najestique made new friends and became involved in another local group. Due to varying scheduling conflicts. The group sings on and off at present.

Najestique enjoys performing sign language and miming with Vessels for Glory, a sign language group from Lebanon SDA church. Perhaps the most memoriable piece is "Encourage Yourself" done by Najestique and Shawanna Anderson, who in addition to signing & miming is a soprano in A.V.O.W. and a long time member of Divine Praise.

Lebanon SDA church was also the venue for the meeting of Najestique, and musician/producer Hopeton Smith, whose experience, professionalism and talent has been invaluable to her.

At present, Najestique enjoys the simple life. Taking care of her family, and staying connected to loved ones. She is fulfilled in her career as a teacher, and freelances as a graphic designer, designing websites, fliers, brochures, logos, animations & MySpace pages for a wide range of clients. Stay tuned to all the updates on "Najestique" blogspot at:

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