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Carl R. Johnson II (Carl The Muse) - Spoken Words

I am doing what God has given me the ability to do.

God has given me the ability to speak and write, with these blessings I am to spread his light.

I have been a master at spoken words since I was in elementary school, it started at home with my mom and the great conversations and debates we have always had.

Listening to that praying momma after much trial and error has come full circle as always because my momma always said God is going to use you. My mom declared it like she does everything, In the name of Jesus and boy was she right!

My ride back home has taken me on a journey that I could never have imagined and my imagination is intense!

I have had a very full life for such a young man and I am still proudly paying my dues doing just what a Godly man would do.

I am taking that long hard walk back home to my parents and becoming more of a man every day as I walk in the light.

I have messages that the lord wants me to teach and my people are the ones that he wants me to reach.

My story is one of triumph and pain and still sometimes getting myself caught out in the rain.

The kicker is this I know how to pray and I know how to let the lord guide my way.

I know how to go in the direction of light, so when I am headed wrong I let Jesus take the wheel and he steers me right.

I want to see happiness and I never want to cause pain and with the long hard walk to the light, comes even bigger gains.

God helps you spread this light.

God is talking to me and me typing it to you.

It just flows like this because this is what God leads me to do.

I pray and let God lead the way.

I try to live that way in all that I do and while I have failed it is my failure that gives me the ability to be a muse.

I can relate to any woman and I can relate to any man. From the bottom to the top I know this whole land.

God did that to me so that I could see.

The man who lived in the gutter and rose to the top can surely preach, teach and lead.

The man who survived being lost and found Gods direction is the one that can lead me on any expedition.

These are the men that God wants to lead.

Don’t fear me, I need the people like me embrace me.

I need you and you need me, if every link of our chain is as strong as the next and connected to the same source we cannot fail.

It is time for us to build this network of faith without the silly twists and turns. We need to head in one unified direction.

It is time to be a reflection of Gods light and time to light this dark world.

Just because the world is ending does not mean that God means for us to let bad people rule. Its time for Good to take the Throne.

Pray for everyone that you see, if they are lost pray that God will take the lead.

Jesus is the Lighthouse and I am following his light.

This is who I Aspire to be.

The message is clear so please, allow me to share it with you the way that God shares it with me.

The message can be said trillions of ways and every time you hear it, you allow yourself to stay near it.

There is power in the tongue and I speak the words God compels me to speak.

Allow me to share a message with you.

Carl The Muse.

What is a Muse? What does Muse mean?

Muse means to think about something: to think about something in a deep and serious or dreamy and abstracted way.

To say something thoughtfully: to say something in a thoughtful or questioning way.

To gaze thoughtfully: to gaze at somebody or something thoughtfully or abstractedly.

A Muse has but one purpose and that is to inspire you to do right.

Jesus was the original Muse I am following his lead and preaching the same good news.


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