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Berney K. Dorton, Author of "Prayer Never Fails: Especially During Trials"

Berney K. Dorton, studies to show herself approved by rightfully dividing God’s word. She has attended and studied at Shiloh Bible College in Oakland, California and Bible Study Fellowship International for eight years. She is the producer and host of the Flames of Fire Ministry and she works diligently with the Good News Jail Ministry in Richmond, California. She is an accomplished Registered nurse, inspirational speaker, professor, and author. She is married, and the mother of three adult children.
Berney, loves God and she communes with Him through prayer. She’s known as a prayer warrior and a devout Christian and her evangelic spirit is contagious. She encourages people to pray, not as a rudimentary chore, but as a deep sentiment believing that God will respond to their prayers and concerns. She’s like Esther, she petitions God on behalf of the people. Like Paul, she compels people to pray without ceasing. She emphasizes the necessity to involve God in every aspect of our lives, as we develop a robust relationship with Him. Berney wholeheartedly believes that prayer is a spiritual weapon that is executed with power and dominion against our burdensome problems. She has written, “Prayer Never Fails Especially During Trials” to emphasize the spiritual strength and fortitude required to pray consistently-even in the face of considerable adversity.

Author Berney K. Dorton has written Prayer Never Fails Especially During Trials to emphasize the spiritual strength and fortitude required to pray consistently – even in the face of considerable adversity. She vividly describes the tragic loss of her love ones, and how she cared for her sick child while addressing personal health issues and Berney’s faith and fervent prayers helped her cope with the ordeal. The heart-wrenching story reminds us how precious life is and how quickly tragic events can transpire to change it. This book heightens people’s awareness of the value of prayer and its infinite possibilities. Berney highlights prayer as the safe haven that she can always rely on and through faith, she is able to serve an invisible God who may not be perceptible by vision or understood by intellect, but who nonetheless guides us with His spirit through trials. Outside conflict and inside fears; represent trouble. Berney, has experienced both, but she faced the trials by prevailing in prayer.

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