Recents in Beach

2012 Gospel and Culture Conference - Friday-Saturday, November 2-3, 2012

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As we go about our daily work, we are constantly wrestling God. Through this grueling, humbling, sanctifying process we experience the power of the gospel making us more fully human, transforming us into faithful co-laborers.

The work of the Holy Spirit enables us to then re-imagine not only ourselves, but also our work places, our industries, and even our society as a whole in light of God’s redemptive purposes.

If we are to re-imagine our work, we need to understand what it means to wrestle:

Wrestling God and ourselves concerning the fears, doubts, disillusionments, cynicism, and pride rampant in our HEARTS.

Wrestling God and those around us concerning our lack of love for and inability to genuinely serve our COMMUNITIES.

Wrestling God and our workplaces concerning a new vision of how His Spirit is at work amidst the brokenness of our WORLD.

Join us for CFW’s second annual conference to explore the critical role of wrestling God and to re-imagine the deeper work happening in and around us.

For More Details and Registration Go To Website: Click Here

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