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I am a product of a single parent, dysfunctional, physically, emotionally and verbally abusive household. Rape did enter into the house, but thank GOD, HE protected me from that. I have seen many things. In my youth, I watched friends die in front of my eyes right on the street from gun shot wounds. I have run through shoot-outs as a kid trying to get into the church doors. To be a child dealing with all of this was not really a huge problem for me, because I thought that everyone lived with these issues. But, not having a daddy and living with an abusive mother, who I believe blamed me for the sins of my dad. I thought and felt forgotten.

But My Father!

He Never Leaves ... Never Forsakes ... And Never Forgets

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I am looking to encourage as many people as I can to be inspired and better themselves. My poetry is intended to inspire the common man to keep pushing and to be forever grateful.

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