Pierce O'Farrill, a 28-year-old who was shot three times in the Aurora massacre, says he has forgiven James Holmes

"Pierce O'Farrill, a 28-year-old who was shot three times in the Aurora massacre, says he has forgiven James Holmes, the suspected shooter in last week's Aurora, Colo., massacre." read full story at: Yahoo News

A Story of Forgiveness

A story of incredible forgiveness - Keith Owens shares the struggles and eventual forgiveness of the man who murdered his mother.

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  1. There is another person who forgave like Pierce O'Farrill: Emmy Award Winner, Amardeep Singh Kaleka. Amardeep forgave the gunman (Wade Michael Page) who killed his father, Satwant Singh (Satwant is a hero and a legend). The gunman blew his brains out and that was selfish. So at least it saved taxpayers a lot of money for a trial! No arrest, no trial, no judge, no jury, no jail, no prison, no sentence, no nothing. It is up to God to judge Wade Michael Page. What caused Wade Michael Page to kill them, we will never know and it will remain that way until the end of the world.

  2. Also, the nephews of a hero and a legend, Gurmit Singh Kaleka and Gurjeet Singh Kaleka forgave the gunman and the relative went to Washington on C-SPAN channel.

    Love won. Love saved countless lives that day on August 5, 2012. Please do not forget the heroes on that day: Satwant Singh Kaleka, Lt. Brian James Murphy (Semper Fi, Officer Murphy!), Abhay Singh (11 year old body), Amanat Singh (9 year old girl), and Officer Savan Nick “Sam” Lenda (the namesake of the grandfather from Bosnia!)! Fifty to 100 years from now, one of the last survivors would have said, “I survived the Sikh Temple shooting and my life was saved by a then 9 and 11 year old children, cops, and President of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin!” The hole in the temple will remain forever. Remember, “WE ARE ONE!” There is only one race, human.

  3. Robbie Parker and Daniel Ray forgave Adam Peter Lanza. Lanza took his own life. Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung was a hero. One hundred years from now, one of the last survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting would have said, "I saved many lives that day!" Thank Ted Varga as well!