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Faith Filled Magazine - A Quarterly Christian Digital Publication

Writer's Guidelines

Faith Filled Family Magazine is a quarterly Christian digital publication. Our mission is to reach and impact families with the word of God and help them live victoriously in Christ. Our articles are thought provoking, and have a basis in scripture.


Each piece should be thoroughly researched, referenced to scripture, and all sources should be credited. At this time, all submissions are on a voluntary basis. There is no monetary compensation as of yet. However, we are working diligently to do so in the near future.

All submissions should be approximately 2,000-3,000 words in length (although we have accepted longer in certain circumstances), Arial 12 pt font with 1.5 spacing. This length is ideal, but we may consider shorter articles as well. Please also include a brief biography of yourself as well to place with the article.

Faith Filled Family Magazine has several categories:

Our feature writers write on a predetermined topic from our publisher. The topics differ between each issue. Our topics range from the everyday issues to the hard decisions. We target the entire family from married couples, to engaged couples, to teens. We want to ensure that every age group is targeted.

Entertainment Review

Entertainment review is based on Christian artists, film and movies. These are family friendly recommendations with a rating attached.

Book Review

Based on books by Christian authors. We are looking to promote reading that the family can enjoy with honest ratings on the books content. If there is mention of things that are against the bible ie gambling, gangs, sorcery, etc. It will be made mention of.


Some interviews are of current artists, up and coming movies, companies, etc. It varies per issue, but is always exciting!


We always love hearing good news! It is an inspiration to others. Please keep in mind that we are a spirit-filled publication, and to include the Holy Spirit in your writing.

Submission Procedures

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