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It seems these days that every ministry has a video posted on This is a great way to introduce your ministry to the world via the Internet. However, there are 2 main drawbacks to using just only this method of marketing.

The first problem is that most people can not surf and look for you on while at work. They would have to wait until a break or lunch or until they got home (that's if they haven't forgotten about you by the time they returned home). Maybe, at some point they will get around to it. Oh did I also mention that while on, they may find something else interesting and get lost in the shuffle?

The second problem is that they have to know that you even exist on! Most people find things on because someone else told them or they came across it by accident.

To be honest those same problems apply to finding your website as well! They must know it exist and how to get to it as well as the time to surf and play at work.

What does work is radio. People can and will listen to radio while at work. Each person can have one at their desk or computer and it won't disturb others that work around them. The biggest problem with radio is that in some office buildings, you can't always get a good signal and so some people bring CDs to work (if allowed).

To solve most of these problems, Internet radio has opened up a endless array of possibilities. With Internet radio, a person can listen to it from anywhere in the world as long as they are connected! This means that anyone who works at a desk all day long can now listen to Internet radio without the worry of loosing the signal, bothering others around them or being written up for web surfing instead of working!
You can even listen to Internet radio on some cell phones and game consoles!
All of that and its GLOBAL TOO!

I want to introduce you to our Internet Radio Network. People listen to our networks all day long from all over the world!

Got a ministry? Want global exposure? Get on air today!

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