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(Video) A Man Who Sings for the Dying

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By Kim Jones, Guide

Kevin R. Dunn - Most of us (yes, even the Christians), studiously avoid the realities of death and dying. While we know that death isn't the end for those who know Christ, it's still an end for those here that are left behind. Death may have lost its sting on the Cross, but the void that it leaves here with the living is as real as it is painful.

It takes a special type of person to be able to work with those who are approaching the end of life - someone who can offer comfort when needed without being an intrusion in those last intimate moments of life. Kevin Dunn is one of those special people. The Lanette, Alabama native and father of five ministers at West Georgia Hospice in LaGrange, Georgia every week and he has done so for almost ten years. His gift to the patients, the families and even the staff is the gift of song. Hymns, contemporary Christian songs and worship are shared freely and they bring peace to those who hear them.

For Dunn, it's all about moments. The good and the hard. He says that the best moments for him are "when God truly shows himself through my voice as I minister (the wonderful things people say about seeing and feeling God's presence as I sing)." The moments for the families? "When their love ones release to be with the Lord as I sing." The hard moments are, obviously, when the patients with whom he's built relationships pass on. He feels a sense of loss even though he knows he will see them again. Kevin can regularly be heard at Pilgrim Baptist Church in Lanett, Alabama.

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