Recents in Beach

This is DC, I will bring posting blogs with association with Devine Jamz. I am Here to tell you why I have such a passion to be involved with this Christian blog and spreading the word of Jesus Christ..
As a child The Lord Jesus Christ blessed me by extending my life. About 5 I began developing different than other children. I started falling and stumbling quite a bit. At this time, it was decided that I should go have an X-ray. 1 was taken to the Pasadena TX Hospital. The Dr.s said I had a brain tumor. The Dr.s offered to admit me and try to extend my life. After a week. Nothing changed. It was time for my mother to shine, my mother decided . I have taken everyone's advice. I let the Dr.s done what they could. Now its time go and see the Master Dr. We proceeded to the Pasadena Apostolic temple church. Pastor McClain and the church land hands on me and prayed for healing.
We went back to the hospital. I had another X-ray. The same Dr. came and said we can not find any sign of a brain tumor.
Even though I did not have any trace of a brain tumor I was still stumbling. So back to the Hospital we went. The Dr.s made a diagnosis of cerebellum ataxia. Come to find that was wrong also. That was the doses thing they could track it to. It is basically a disorder that is untraceable.
Through out the years I wondered Why me. Well I did not figure it out till I started reading the bible. One day I started reading John 9 about the blind man The Rabi and the disciple. The disciple asked who has sin this mans parents or him that he has this affliction. "And ^Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him." That was the most profound statement I ever read.

People with we call it. I believe its not a disability its a blessing. We were chosen to make people stop and think about how their living.

God Bless you the readers,

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  1. May God continue to bless you in health and for your service in sharing the Gospel to all the readers!